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School Social Worker

Roles and support in school

  • Social workers provide support to students and classrooms, including individual counseling, group counseling, push-in support, social/emotional skill education and crisis intervention.
  • National Association of Social Workers
  • Complete social histories for school assessments.
  • Attend and participate in Committee on Special Education meetings as required.
  • Link students and families to community resources including financial, food, clothing, housing, furniture, health insurance, medical and dental care, mental health or chemical dependency treatment, and FACT/PINS.
  • Engage students, staff and families in crisis intervention services with follow up resources.
  • Communicate daily with building staff to assess student needs and select appropriate interventions.
  • Collaborate with community and district medical staff and engage in psychiatric consultation services.  
  • Facilitate individual, group, and crisis counseling.
  • Consult with district staff to integrate student based behavior management support to improve students’ overall functioning and academic success.

Services connecting students, families and the community

  • Social workers provide holiday assistance to numerous families, coordinating with other school staff and community organizations.
  • Act as school district representatives for local service organizations.
  • Network with local community agencies including churches, service clubs and community volunteer organizations to assist families in need.
  • Assist school districts throughout Monroe County with trauma and grief intervention through utilizing professional resources from the Monroe County Trauma, Illness and Grief (TIG) Network.
  • Coordination of special opportunities for students such as summer camp referrals to Tim Horton’s Camp, Salvation Army Camp, Kiwanis Camp, etc.