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Delphi Counseling/Prevention

Delphi's Mission Statement

Delphi Rise offers prevention services through counseling and education, recovery through treatment services, and support through care services. We empower people in the Rochester/Finger Lakes area to make informed decisions about their health. Delphi Rise sees a future for our community in which every person can access education, counseling and the tools for recovery, thus enabling them to live a fulfilling and satisfying life free from stigma, abuse and addiction.

What is the school-based prevention program?

The school-based counseling program addresses a number of protective factors by teaching skills, information dissemination, education, positive alternatives and early intervention. Counselors are able to have direct contact and involve students who may be "at risk" for substance abuse within the context of the school environment. In doing so, Delphi counselors can involve students in the counseling process who might not otherwise have access to preventative services.

We are able to provide assessments, individual counseling services, group counseling, evidence-based programs, and referrals. Delphi Counselors are proficient in organizing community awareness events including, but not limited to, health fairs, speakers, panels, and parent education. We are here not only to support students but can be a resource to the school district and community as a whole.

The Prevention Staff at Delphi are Trauma Informed, trained in working with trauma and adverse childhood experiences. The focus of our service delivery is sensitive to these experiences and the impact it has. Our approach focuses on what has happened... not... what is wrong.

Molly Smales is available to see students at Brockport Central Schools who may be at risk. Molly is employed by Delphi Rise (formally known as Delphi Drug and Alcohol Council) and is a Licensed Social Worker. Molly interacts with students in individual and group situations as well as teaching Project Success classes. Services are provided at no cost. 

If you have concerns about your child, you can call Molly Smales confidentially at (585) 637-7449 ext. 6137 or through email.