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Oliver Middle School Hours: 7:21 a.m. to 2:05 p.m.

When a student is absent from school the District requests a Parent/Guardian call the attendance office at (585) 637-1861 as soon as possible in the morning to report the absence. The Attendance office has a 24-hour voicemail service available, calls to the system can be made at any time of the day and your message will be recorded. When reporting a student absent please give your name, your student’s name and the reason for the absence. A child who is absent must bring a written excuse to the attendance office upon returning to school. Your student needs to bring it directly to the attendance office first thing in the morning upon return.

You may also email the attendance office (this takes the place of the written note) 

When a student arrives late to school, 7:21 a.m. or later, please call the attendance office as soon as possible to report his or her tardy arrival to school. A student who arrives to school late is required to report to the attendance office to receive a Tardy Admission Slip before going to class. 

When you are picking up your student for any reason (Doctor/Dental Appointment), please send in a written excuse with your student to be dropped off at the attendance office before first period on the day of the early dismissal. A pass will be given to your student allowing him/her to be dismissed at the appropriate time. This allows your student to be released from class at the appropriate time, eliminating the need to call into the classroom during class time. Please bring identification with you.

As long as your student knows that you are picking them up, they can meet you at dismissal without being signed out. Prior to 2:05 p.m. students must be signed out in the attendance office.

Any time your student is not in school they must be called in absent to the Attendance office. This will ensure that your student is marked accordingly and you do not receive any unnecessary phone calls.

The attendance office is located in the Main Office at Oliver Middle School. The telephone number is (585) 637-1861. If you would like to email an attendance note, please email the office. If a student comes in late, or you are picking a student up, please go to the main office and please bring identification with you.